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Most companies chase long-term strategic goals such as these: We want to open a branch or a factory in China. Or: We want to increase our trade in China.

Many outcomes can come about in projects such as these – most of which will determine the future success of the company. And sometimes there is a great deal of euphoria at the outset in light of the huge opportunities that are on offer in the People’s Republic of China and its neighboring states.

Yet companies often notice very quickly when actually over there or during business contact with Asians: Many things are more difficult than expected because, among other reasons, they are not well versed in the intricacies of Chinese business and culture. And lots of ways of doing things, which have proven successful in Europe/America, will not work in China. Disillusionment then quickly sets in and some projects get put on hold that had started out promisingly.

Would you rather avoid such misadventures? Then get in touch with CHINA EXPERT CONSULTING. We specialize in assisting companies looking to enter China or deal with Chinese businesses. To this end we make use of our personal network of business contacts, which you will find indispensible for conducting business in China. Moreover, our Chinese lawyers, marketing experts and office personnel in China will clear any problems out of your way, which may have appeared to be insurmountable barriers. In a nutshell: We will set you on the path to success in China.

René C. Steininger, Dipl.-Kfm. (Univ), (BBA, MBA), Economist (M.H.K.M.A.)
Founder & Managing Director
Jia Li, (LL.B, LL.M, M. A.), cand. Dr. iur., Attorney at Law, Tax consultant, Managing Director

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