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It is our target in China consulting to publish our knowledge on different subjects - especially science studies - of China consulting to the public.

Below you will find a choice of publications as well as written notes from speeches by our Managing Director Mr. René C. Steininger about different topics in China consulting. All papers can be copied as well as forwarded for free as long as the information about the copyright of the publisher (China Expert Consulting, René C. Steininger, is enclosed.



If you have any further questions about China Consulting don't hesitate to contact us!

Current Topics China Consulting: (Please inquire by e-mail and register):

China Consulting: The Chinese city of Hong Kong (in English)

China Consulting: Cultural and economic backgrounds of Hong Kong and Shanghai (German)

China Consulting: The American overseas Chinese (in English)

China Consulting: Knowledge management in transnational companies, focus on China (German)

China Consulting: The competition policy of the Peoples Republic of China under the view of the WTO as well as the legal basics (German)

Internationalisation strategies of international management (German)

China Consulting: British insurance law including Hong Kong and the new German insurance contract law (in English)

Further topics are available! Please inquire and we will be happy to help you!