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China business - Why choose a China consultant from China Expert Consulting?


In the China business there are too many management consultancies for China consulting. However, in many cases the China consulting is provided by people not qualified in management like Chinese translators or sinologists. They nevertheless offer enterprise advisory services as a China consultant.

Our China consulting advantages for your China business are as follows:

We and our China consultant 's are focused only on the China business. We try to offer the best possible service for your China business and don't follow the consulting mainstream to provide services in other Asian countries, but only on the average level.

Due to our focus on China consulting only, we are able to offer more services of different kinds for your China business. Your advantage: You save time and money because we are your China consultant for the whole duration of your China business.

The first info meeting for China consulting in our office by our China consultant 's is always free of charge.

Due to our large number of branch-experienced experts we can also offer you specialized solutions
through team building between consultants and experts in your industry, which usually can only be offered by large consulting companies which are not focused in China business.

We can provide you with help as China consultant 's in your China business worldwide. All China consultant 's work as 1 team to fulfill your needs in the China business in Germany, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and England. By making use of the time lag our China consultant 's can provide you fast results in your China business.

Due to the unique skill combination of university education in Business Administration specialized in International Management with a focus on China, Management Consulting and Finance our Managing Director Mr. Steininger fulfils the 3 most important requirements of a China consultant for your China business:

Due to university education in International Management with a focus on China, as a China consultant he knows the marketing and market entry strategies in the China business, international strategies, company organization and how to optimize processes in companies in the China business, intercultural management including human resource management in the China business.

Through university education in General Management Consulting the international skills mentioned under
a) will become combined with the General Management skills in the China business such as analysis techniques, strategy development, process and cost management in the China business.

Through the university education in Finance the most important finance sector of a company will also be considered in the China consulting for your China business.

These skills will be completed by our Managing Director Mr. Li as a China consultant who studied Chinese law, German law and Tax law at universities in China and Germany.

This allows you to get some advantages for your China business:

a) Knowledge of general management consulting as a China consultant.

b) Knowledge of international management with a focus on China business.

c) Knowledge of the intercultural management with a focus on China business.

d) Knowledge of the important finance sector.

e) Knowledge of German and Chinese taxation.

f) Knowledge in German law.

g) Knowledge in Chinese law.

China Expert Consulting has a German Chinese management team, combining German and Chinese management skills.

Due to his research with the most important people in the area of China business and his stays in China lasting for years, Mr. Steininger has access to China information as a China consultant from an immediate source.

Unique features:

  • Research conversations with Duke Prof. Dr. Kung Teh Cheng, Head of the Confucius family, Senior Adviser of the President, former President of the Examination Yuan of the of China and Member of the Constitutional Commission.
  • Research conversations with Dr. Stan Shih, Founder and former CEO of the Acer Computer group.
  • Members of the Chinese Imperial Family of the last Chinese Emperor Pu Yi.

Mr Steininger has had contacts with Chinese since he was young and has "grown up" with Chinese people in Germany.

We support the 50-plus campaign and also employ China consultant 's who have accumulated an extensive knowledge of the industry in over decades.

China Expert Consulting has a very large network in China. We have contacts with members of the Chinese Central and Provincial governments and high-profile representatives of the Chinese economy. Our China consultant 's can therefore often open doors when somebody else cannot.

We also employ industry-specific experts from your line of business and through our matrix organization are able to fulfill your specific industry-specific needs.

All our China consultant 's are university graduates with at least 10 years experience in the China business and China consulting. Some of our China consultant 's have over 30 years experience in the China business.

China Expert Consulting is one the few China consulting companies which also do es business between Chinese companies in China. Since many Chinese often only trust their own people it is a special honor for us to help Chinese people in the China business as a China consultant.

Our China consulting is made for your success and not only made in theory. We show you the way to real success in your China business by providing China consulting.

Our China consultant 's are avail able at any time for questions in the China business.

Professional China consultant 's for your success in the China business !