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About us - China consulting by professional China consultants

We are a German consulting company specialized in China (including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan).

Our roots are located in the former English crown colony of Hong Kong.

We and our China consultants provide the following servi ces through our China consultants: China consulting, Chin a seminars, company formations in Mainland China and Hong Kong/Taiwan, China law consulting, tax consulting through our China consultants, China marketing by our China consultants, China auditing, international insurances as well as venture capital/investment and further services.

How are our China consultants able to offer so many different services?

Different to most other China consultants we have specialized in the Greater China region only and try to provide all our knowledge and skills for your China business. We don't want to split our knowledge to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and India since we know we are not a specialist for these additional countries. Therefore, our China consultants provide the best possible service in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan only, but with a broad range of services.

Our 50 employed China consultants and more than 100 free lance China consultants come from various areas: tax, management, marketing, China consultants, lawyers, engineers and architects. All China consultants have university degrees in various subjects: consulting, tax, law, finances, bank / stock exchange, insurance business, international management, engineering, architecture, pharmacy, chemistry etc.

All our China consultants pool their knowledge worldwide for our customers!

As a Western China consulting company we and our China consultants would like to unite the expertise of the West and the East for the advantage of both, Chinese and Western countries. We and our China consultants consider us to be a China consulting enterprise that supports Western companies in the China business as well as Chinese companies in the Western business. As one of the few Western China consulting companies we also provide services between Chinese companies. Therefore, our China consultants are able to provide insider knowledge directly from the Chinese market, which however, most Western China consultants are not able to provide.

Our China consultants strategy:

China consulting as well as China consultants should only deal with China business!