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Although looking quite simple at first impressions, our company logo has a background story:



The contractions CEC stand as a connection of China and Europe symbolized by C and E. The expert status in the China business is shown by the E.

The focus of the globe is on China and therefore shows the expertise of China Expert Consulting with China.

The curve shadow, which divides the globe into two parts, symbolizes the principles of the Chinese philosophy of Confucianism and Taoism and thus also the change in Chinese culture and the upswing of the Chinese economy.

The 3 yellow curves symbolize the permanent movement and the mutual exchange of China with the different economies of the world, especially Europe.

The colour blue symbolizes confidence and seriousness and stands for the primary colour of the European Union simultaneously while the colour yellow appears both in the EU flag and as one of the most important colours in the Chinese flag and as “emperor yellow” in the Chinese culture for thousands of years.