China business references

China business: customer statements



References Consulting:

No mass treatment but rather individual support and advice. I had been looking for exactly this.
(Marianne N., Owner of a medium-sized management consultancy.)

We sought a suitable strategy for China and found it due to the help of CEC. Thank you very much.
(Reginald K., Project Manager of a Trade company)

We wanted our processes to be optimized in China. Despite our long-standing experience the industry-specific specialists of CEC were able to improve the processes still further. I was really quite astonished.
(Dr. Hans-Jörg K., Managing Director of an electronics company.)

When the CEC brochure first landed on my desk I was thinking it is just one of many China consulting firms. However, I gave them a chance and was invited to a free-of-charge consulting meeting. I was surprised because I almost missed this chance. Today, CEC has developed a great market entry strategy for us which has impressed even a 60 year old such as myself.
(Karl-Heinz L., Managing Director of an industrial enterprise.)

With the project we have done with CEC I was most impressed that CEC used very experienced senior consultants who had up to 30 years experience in our line of business. I had not expected so much professionalism and was positively surprised.
(Thomas W., Project Manager of an industrial enterprise.)

We had asked CEC to reduce our costs in China. Today we can look at a substantially lower costs and are ahead of our competitors thanks to the excellent CEC consultants.
(Wim J., Managing Director of a middle-class computer business.)

After we had good experiences with CEC during seminars, we gave CEC a project in China. We were right to do so because our expectations were met.
(Rudolf P. Managing Director of a motorcar sub supplier.)

Good work! Our China project is now running! Many thanks to China Expert Consulting! (Erich K., Project Manager of a logistics supplier.)


References marketing consulting China:

China Expert Consulting has helped us a lot with the development of a marketing plan or China. The success proves CEC to be right!
(Edith G., Project Manager of a cosmetics manufacturer.)

We did not think that there are so good marketing consultants in Hong Kong. Many thanks to Mr. Kester Yim of China Expert Consulting for his good work.
(John M., Managing Director of a machinery manufacturer.)

The results of the market study conducted by China Expert Consulting were to our full satisfaction.
(Ludwig L., Manager of an industry company.)

The market research done by CEC is now the basis of our marketing strategy. Again many thanks.
(Edward H., Marketing Manager of a middle-class machinery manufacturer.)

Many thanks to CEC for the good advice in the area of marketing in China!
(Josef M., Owner of a middle-class drink manufacturer.)

 Again many thanks for your good job in the China marketing!
(Fanny M., Marketing Manager of a drink manufacturer.)

Our market entry in China will be a success for sure. Thank you very much for your marketing consulting.
(Gregor H., Owner of a metal construction firm.)

Thank you for your help in the China marketing to the team of CEC!
(Fritz L., Managing Director of a middle-class industrial plant.)


References China seminars:

Very detailed and practical presentation in the seminar.
(Marcus B., Head of Department of a great German motor group.)

Excellent seminar for entry in to the Chinese market. We got all the necessary information about legal, economic, logistical and tax problems mentioned.
(Mark F., Managing Director of an industrial enterprise.)

Chinese law finally became clear now. During the usual seminars by other consulting companies the cultural knowledge is unfortunately missing.
(Hans P., Lawyer for German chambers.)

A lot of information and very detailed.
(Hans W., Team leader of a German furniture maker.)

We had had a seminar by another company before. Mr. Steininger was nevertheless able to arrange a great deal that was new for us and teach us about real Chinese behaviour.
(Hugo K., Director of a business firm.)

The money was invested well in 4 employees. I would pay have had to pay double with other suppliers. I am very satisfied.
(Markus W., Recruiter from the chemical industry.)

My wife has also asked me for a seminar by China Expert Consulting after reading the documents and listening to my experience and was allowed to join the seminar free of charge.
(Udo M., Head of Department of a computer manufacturer.)

Mr. Steininger has conducted seminars for our company for several years and all of our employees was very satisfied.
(Jörg K., Per sonnel Director of an industrial enterprise.)

After attending 2 seminars by other China consulting companies I was finally able to understand here how to deal with Chinese people correctly.
(Emmerich L., Director of an energy enterprise.)

With the knowledge of the seminar I could immediately obtain important business contacts during my first China trip and later got very important orders for my company due to these business contacts.
(Rudolf E., Managing Director of an electronics company.)

In the seminar I was able to finally see the real China practise and not the usual old China theories and stereotypes.
(Rudolf K., Managing Director in the metalworking industry.)

My Chinese wife was very sceptical, as I told her that the seminar was given by a German, since she thought he would not understand the Chinese culture. After reporting my positive experience about the seminar and examination of the documents she changed her opinion.
(Karl J., Personnel Officer of a commercial enterprise.)

We had a China seminar by a sinologist last month who was married to a Chinese. A lot in the seminar was wrong. I have therefore recommend China Expert to my company. Finally my colleagues were able to get know the real Chinese culture.
(Ling W., Computer Scientist of a great software house.)

After a business partner told me about the intercultural seminars of China Expert Consulting I first thought why one should spend money on such kinds of seminars as a company. I have now changed my mind. We had high costs before by failed expats in China who did not cope with the Chinese culture. Since the seminars at China Expert Consulting, till now, no one has come back without success; on the contrary now still more employees want to go to China and everyone is very satisfied. Our corporate profits could now become increased considerably as a result of the attention to the right treatment of Chinese business partners. I can only laugh about our competitors who are trying to save money by avoiding seminars for their expats.
(Arnold B., Personnel Director of an industrial enterprise.)

An acquaintance had told me that there is a German management consultancy which allegedly even arranges business between Chinese. This was a surprise for me since we always prefer our own Chinese people for doing business. I became acquainted with Mr. Steininger personally in the context of a seminar about the German culture & German business and I understood: He is a so-called "egg", outside white, inside yellow. It is no surprise that he is getting along well with both Chinese and Germans perfectly; and my compatriots trust him. Till now, I have never met such a person before. What luck for China and Germany.
(Prof. Wang, Professor of a Chinese university.)


References for company formation in China:

China Expert Consulting has helped us with a company formation in China and the recruitment of staff.
(Klaus H., Management Consultant of an industrial enterprise.)

China Expert Consulting has set up a company in Hong Kong and also searched for the offices for us. We were very satisfied.
(Louis D., Managing Director of a European investment trust.)

We have asked China Expert Consulting to launch a representative office in China. We received good law consulting.
(Rudolf R., Managing Director of a middle-class motorcar sub supplier.)

We had sought different offers for a company formation in China. Outrageous prices were partly asked. We finally got good quality for a good price through China Expert Consulting. (Andre V., Project Manager of an electronics company.)

How does a company formation work in China? We asked ourselves such questions again and again. Now we have launched the company in China and everything is running perfectly. Thank you for the good support of CEC !
(Mike H., Boss of a German commercial enterprise.)

The company formation was carried out professionally! Thanks to the consultants!
(Georg M., Project Manager of a household equipment manufacturer.)

After searching for the right consulting company for a long time we have decided to ask China Expert Consulting for a company formation in China. We have been looked after individually, and not simply offered standard solutions.
(Franz K., Managing Director of a machine building contractor.)

We have been looking for a partner, which is also serious and points out all the advantages and disadvantages to us, for a company formation in Hong Kong for a long time; with CEC had we have finally found it.
(Stanislav F., Owner of an Internet company.)

We wanted to launch a manufacturing company in China and we needed help from somebody in leasing the property. China Expert Consulting bears the name correctly; we were very satisfied with their comprehensive service.
(Hannes B., Managing Director of a motorcar sub supplier.)

China expert in company formation. Very good!
(Bernd M., Leader of a computer firm.)


References for auditing/accounting in China:

We have a company formation as well as accounting & tax consulting / auditing carried out by CEC. We are very satisfied with the result.
(Hans S., Managing Director of a technology enterprise.)

Unfortunately, it turned out after years of accounting by a Chinese bookkeeper that many mistakes had been made at our branch office in China. Everything has run smoothly since China Expert Consulting has been responsible for our accounting.
(Johannes B., Financial Executive of a middle-class industrial plant.)

Unfortunately, Chinese accounting was a foreign term for us. We have therefore let ourselves be supported by CEC. Everything now runs perfectly!
(Katharina U. responsibly for the tax department of one German industrial enterprise.)

We had had a potential Chinese partner examined for a joint venture by China Expert Consulting in China. The result was that the accounting sheets of the Chinese company were completely wrong and the company only had a fraction of the promised value. Fortunately, China Expert Consulting was able to protect us from the joint venture with this bad Chinese partner.
(Wilhelm H., Managing Director of a middle-class commercial enterprise.)

Till now the accounting was run through a large auditing enterprise; unfortunately at horrendous prices. At CEC we are content, because the prices are reasonable and the performance is good.
(Tassilo M., a member of the management of a commercial enterprise.)

Our accounting was not prepared for the annual reports in China at all. Thanks to the advice by China Expert Consulting we have been able to implement an accounting system of our own now.
(Elke M., Leader of the tax division of a manufacturing company.)

Who had already thought of controlling in China? We searched the Internet for a long time till we found China Expert Consulting.
(Hanna E., Project Manager in a medium-sized machine manufacturer business.)

Thank you for the efforts by Mr. Steininger towards the facilities of our new accounting in China. My best thanks also to Mr Li for his help in China!
(Karl H., Project Manager China of a medium-sized design enterprise.)

References for staff search in China:

CEC was able to find an office and the necessary staff for us in China.
(Franz K., Managing Director of an Internet enterprise.)

Finally somebody who bears the title "China expert" rightly.
(Isolde W., Engineer of an aircraft manufacturer.)

We had previously asked another China consultant to find a manager for us in China. Later we found out that the consultant only put an advertisement in a China forum on the Internet which we also could have done by ourselves. Due to the relations of CEC we were able now to find an outstanding manager in China.
(Klaus Juergen M., Personnel officer of a middle-class industrial enterprise.)

We had thought it over and over regarding whether we should ask an extern headhunter to search for our staff in China. We went to China Expert Consulting and the results have been impressive. Many thanks once again!
(Reginald S., Personnel assistant of a commercial enterprise.)

We were only specialized in personnel placement in Germany when one of our customers in China was looking for a manager. With the cooperation from CEC this problem was solved fast.
(Kerstin O., Head of department of a German staff consultancy firm.)

Searching for staff is a confidential matter and we have invested this confidence in China Expert consulting well.
(Horst S., Personnel officer of a pharmaceutical enterprise.)

For our line of business it is already hard enough to find qualified employees in Germany. CEC nevertheless was able to get us outstanding qualified employees by using contacts in China.
(Jörg W., Personnel officer of a chemical enterprise.)

"We are fully satisfied with the result of the staff search!"
(Karl F., Personnel Manager of a motorcar subsupplier.)


References for tax consultancy in China:

We had searched for a suitable tax consultant in China for a long time. Then we asked CEC. Our expectations were fully filled.
(Carl M., Project Manager of a medium-sized supplier company from the electrical industry.)

After we found that many German tax consultants only passed the work on to a Chinese colleague and we had to pay the expensive rate, we approached CEC directly in China. We are now getting better performances at a more reasonable price.
(Hedwig K., Managing Director of a chemical enterprise.)

Tax consultants everywhere. We have finally found suitable support at China Expert Consulting for our China project in Shanghai.
(Friedrich S., Head of the tax division of a middle-class industrial enterprise.)

The tax consultancy from CEC is very good.
(Ludewig E., Manager of a medium-sized metal factory.)

Many thanks for the good tax consultancy. We would like to use your service in future, too.
(Edeltraud M., Tax Consultant for a middle-class motorcar subsupplier.)

We would like to recommend CEC for tax consultancy in China.
(Sabine S., Leader of the tax division of a chemical enterprise.)

We had to notice that Chinese tax law is not simpler than in Germany. To ask CEC for tax consulting in China was a very good idea.
(Rudolph H., Managing Director of a pharmaceutical enterprise.)

Tax o.k., everything going well! Thanks go to the China Expert Consulting team.
(Wilhelm T., Managing Director one service provider.)


References for venture capital/investment:

We had searched in China for investors for our project and have now found them. Thank you CEC.
(Yan W., Head of Department of a Chinese industrial enterprise.)

As a German investment trust we had been looking for suitable partners in China for a long time. CEC not only help ed us with the search but also advised us about the unusual features of the Chinese market in detail.
(Hans K., Managing Director of an investment trust.)

It is a surprise to us that CEC can always approach so many investors on our behalf. We are impressed.
(Yue W., Representative of a Chinese provincial government.)

Furthermore, we wish our friend Mr Steininger much success like in the previous investment projects.
(Hu W., Representative of the Chinese Central Government.)

We always looked for a possibility of investing in China safely. The help of CEC has succeeded. Thank you very much.
(Georg M., Managing Director of a German investment bank.)

Thanks to the relations of CEC we have been able to win new contacts with another investment bank besides our China investment in the USA now. Many thanks once again.
(Frank T., Managing Director of a German investment bank.)

China Expert investment, I don’t need to say any more.
(Cosy H., Investment banker of a German bank.)

Our investment in China has been worthwhile since CEC has suggested to us really very interesting investment projects.
(Horst M., Head of the department of an investment trust.)

We always had very interesting ideas about entering the China market. However, we did not have enough money. CEC helped us to find an investor. Now we are in China and the business is going well.
(Ferdinand H., Owner of a technology enterprise.)


References for insurance:

As a company, which wants to enter the China market, we had been looking for a long time for a good international health insurance policy for our employees. CEC was able to present very favourable conditions to us.
(Elke W., Personnel Director of an automobile manufacturer.)

Due to my diabetes I had been looking for health insurance for a long time. CEC helped me and I am now in China.
(Hans L., Manager of a medium-sized chemistry company.)

I have consulted CEC after I had asked 20 insurers and always got the message that they insurance cover would expire as soon as the holder left Germany. CEC could immediately offer me a worldwide health insurance policy with good conditions.
(Ludwig K., Project Manager of a middle-class business firm.)

To this day, I could not find suitable insurance cover although I work as a general manager of a large German company in China. Thanks go to Mr. Steininger, who took charge of my case personally. I don’t actually think there is another insurance expert in the China business.
(Wolf K., General Manager of a large German group in Shanghai.)

I wanted to insure myself as a student directly in China. CEC amazingly were able to help even here. Thank you very much.
(Gerhard F., Student of Business Administration in Beijing.)

We always trusted the words of our general German insurance broker but he had no experience with China. Due to the advice from CEC we save thousands of euros in insurance fees every month.
(Rosi L., Personnel Director of a German group in Shanghai.)

CEC really has, with Mr. Steininger, the only real expert for insurance consulting in China. (Heinrich G., General Manager of a German electronic enterprise in Hong Kong.)


References for additional services:

The translation from Chinese into German was done without any problems.
(Reginald L., Manager of a motorcar subsupplier.)

Your interpreter Mrs. Liu in Hong Kong was quite familiar with all our technical terms. Thank you CEC!
(Gustav L., General Manager of a commercial enterprise.)

As we used cheap translations by our Chinese trainees extensive reworkings were always necessary. This was not necessary with our CEC professional translation!
(Michael S., Director of a service provider.)

The interpreter provided to us for the investment project in Shanghai did not only have good knowledge of German, but was even familiar with our line of business.
(Elke L., Investment Manager of an investment trust.)

We were able to get the advertising in China for the half price. Thanks to CEC in China. (Traudel K., Marketing Manager China of a German industrial enterprise.)

The special conditions of CEC allow us to apply for advertising for an acceptable price on Chinese television.
(Erich H., Marketing Manager of an industrial enterprise.)

Thanks to CEC we finally got a meeting with the responsible government official in China. Thank you CEC!
(Hannes L., Managing Director of a motorcar sub supplier.)

With CEC we were able to find suppliers in China who offered our needed products at a cheaper price compared to our previous supplier. Through this we were able to gain substantially higher profits.
(Joerg H., Managing Director of an electronic enterprise.)