China business references

China project - How do we work?


How do we work on a project in China in reality? Which methods do we follow? How can we ensure that all "messages" reach the target group? How can we ensure success? Which strategies do we use in reality? Who have we served? Were the customers satisfied or not?

The best proof of our good quality are projects in China which we finished successfully and without any problems in recent years.

Therefore we introduce to you a project for each service as reference:

Should you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Even for small projects please still send an inquiry to us to ask for more details.

We are sure we can also help to solve problems in your China business and help your company to succeed in China or enter the Chinese market successfully.

You can either contact us by e-mail, phone, letter or fax in German, English or Chinese since most of our staff are trilingual and can understand you easily without any problems.