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The business of the China electronic industry and the Chinese computer branch will continue to grow during the next few years. China electronics and Chinese computer products will soon make up the largest market in the world. At the moment, China sells 50 million computers per year with annual sales increasing by 30 %. In 2008 the sales will have already doubled to 90 million computers. The Chinese computer industry is booming similar to the China electronics industry, the China electronics manufacturer and telecommunication industry.

Details about the China electronics industry, Chinese electronics manufacturer and Chinese computer industry:

  • Sales are also increasing in the household electronics of the China electronics branch.
  • Import of surface mount technologies amount to US$700 million, since 2007 increasing to
    US$2.36 billion.
  • Focus in digital products and, therefore, more profit for the Chinese computer branch.
  • The Internet boom increases the demand for China electronics for telecommunications.
  • The demand for mobile phones is increasing 30 % demand in the China electronics industry.
  • 381 million customers for mobile phones; therefore there is high potential for China electronics as well as the Chinese computer technology.
  • In the China electronics manufacturer as well as Chinese computer industry China will be market leader by 2010.

We also support your China business in the China electronics / Chinese computer industry by:

  • Development of a strategy for the Chinese computer branch / China electronics manufacturer.
  • Development of a distribution and marketing net, for example for China electronics.
  • Outsourcing to China (for example to China electronics manufacturer / Chinese computer manufacturer).
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by helping build a trademark and business contacts.
  • Consulting for copyright problems in the China electronics industry / Chinese computer industry.
  • Analyzing the manufacturing process from China electronics to Chinese computer.
  • Finding the right location for your China electronics manufacturer factory.
  • Human resources: Headhunting of managers and engineers for China electronics.
  • Consulting for purchasing China electronics products.
  • Consulting for market entry in the China electronics market and Chinese computer market.
  • Consulting for licences and government permission.
  • Company formation for China electronics and Chinese computer technology.
  • Consulting for government issues.
  • M & A and establishment of joint ventures (for example China electronics manufacturer).
  • Business contact in the China electronics as well as Chinese computer industry.
  • And any other services we provide related to the China electronics manufacturer and Chinese computer industry.

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