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For companies needing money for investment in China & China investing:

Medium-sized enterprises often have thin capital resources. Therefore, they occasionally face the following problem if they wanted to conduct business in China: They have a good idea of business, but they lack the financial resources and somebody for the "China investing"

Would you like to do China investing?

Reasons for problems with investment in China:

  • The China project seems too risky to the banks and China investing is risky.
  • The China investing companies only offer China investment for projects in Germany or Europe.
  • The company does not have contacts with other investors for China investing / China investment.
  • The company, therefore, cannot go it alone and looks for a partner in China investing in the company.

We can help you with the China investment & China investing:

We have had very good relations with German venture capital / China investment trusts as well as investors in the USA, England, China, Hong Kong and other countries for China investment in China, Hong Kong investment in Hong Kong, and Taiwan investment in Germany.

Your advantages with China investment and investment in China are:

  • Support in Europe/Germany/USA and on the spot for your China investment.
  • Posibility of minimising the mercantile risk for investment in China.
  • No maximum sum; there is a big pool of investors doing investment in China.
  • Timesaver, since you get everything from 1 company related to China investment.
  • Support at the fulfilment of the project in China (e.g. strategy, marketing consulting, company formation.)
  • Good contacts with the Chinese authorities and representatives of the Chinese.
  • The save time as well as money.
  • Our expert team will help you to search for possible joint venture partners.
  • Making disposal.
  • Knowledge of your line of business.
  • Management participation.

For international investors and China investment companies:

  • Some people doing China investing / venture capital companies do not dare to invest since the market and the rules are not familiar to Westerners.
  • In some cases the own capital is not enough or the company is looking for consulting on the spot.

Reasons for bad China investing / China investment:

  • You do not have any relations in China for China investment but you want to do China investment.
  • The market is unknown to you and appears as a great risk for China investment.
  • You need support for your China investment.
  • You would like to know other China investment companies and more about China investing.
  • You do not know which projects are good for China investing.
  • You do not have any possibilities of examining projects or China investment after returning to your home country.

We arrange (possible) China investing projects / China investment products for you in China, which promise a high return.

We support you through in the China investment / China investing:

  • Contacts with international venture capital and investment trusts with a focus on China for the common carrying out of China projects.
  • Help with the business management execution of projects in China through.
  • Our consultants on the spot and in Germany.
  • Interesting projects with innovative new products for financing in China.
  • Contacts with the Chinese authorities and the necessary large-scale State projects up to the level of the Chinese central government.

Costs for companies and venture capital / China investment:

  • We work exclusively on a commission basis. You just pay a commission before the arrangement is successfully completed. Therefore, either the customer has got ten their capital approved or has undertaken China investing in a project.
  • You pay only in the case of the success of your China investment.
  • If further services are desired, we will charge our usual fees ( for e.g. company formation, management consultancy, marketing support ).

China investing - China investment for your success !