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Which advantages do our China seminars have for you?




  • Our intercultural China seminars are also based on the principles of the last descendant of Confucius, Prof. Dr. Kung. The founder of Chinese behaviour was Confucius and he is therefore also the source of Chinese business culture too.
  • We work in all China seminars as a German Chinese team so that the cases can be taught in the Chinese as well as Western point of view.
  • The coaches are not sinologists or Chinese interpreters without experience in the management but have graduated in international management and Chinese law.
  • All coaches for our China seminars speak German, Chinese and English.
  • Many China seminars are held by our Managing Director Mr. Steininger who has grown up with Chinese, lived in China for years, was a Managing Director of a consulting company in Hong Kong and has seen the problems of Western managers in China at first hand due to his experience as a China consultant and his private life.
  • The spouse of each participant can join intercultural China seminars free of charge since empirical research has found that 50% of all failing expats cite their reasons as problems with their spouse.
  • The China seminars are offered with a flexible timetable. Furthermore, any participant can be replaced by anybody else before the China seminars have started.

Why should you attend China seminars?

  • You want to be informed about Chinese behaviour.
  • You want to be able to be successful during negotiations with Chinese people.
  • You would like to lead your Chinese team correctly.
  • You would like to enter the Chinese market in the correct way and avoid expensive mistakes.
  • You would like to ask about the legal basics of a contract in China in the China seminar.
  • You would like to ask about the possibilities of trademark protection in the China seminars.
  • You would like China seminars that are individually tailored to your company.
  • You would like to learn more in the China seminars than you would from a book.
  • You would like to be more successful than your colleagues and the China seminars should also be create a personal advantage for you.

Our methods in the China seminars:

  • Lecture
  • Discussions
  • Role plays
  • Theory and practice
  • Samples / case studies

Why should you book China seminars?

About our China seminars:
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Intercultural China seminars:

China seminar: Success in the China business, intercultural seminar

China seminar: Intercultural seminar for Chinese employees & managers for doing business with Germans

China seminar: Composite intercultural China seminar & China seminar business law
(This seminar combines the most important parts of business success from the “Success in the China Business" and "China Business Law" seminars.)

Business management & China seminars about Chinese law:

China seminar: Basics of the contract law & trade with China

China Seminar: Basics of trademark protection and protection of intellectual property in China

China seminar: Environmental engineering and renewable energies in China

China seminar: Market entry in China

China seminar: Media and advertsing in China

China seminar: Logistics in China

All seminars are offered both as internal seminars and open seminars. You will find the timetable for the open China seminars here.

If you are interested in seminars about other topics please contact us directly.