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(including income tax in China and Chinese wage tax.)


In Chinese tax law / Hong Kong tax law many national conditions have to be taken into account, whether about company taxation or income and wage tax. One does not get far in China without knowledge of Chinese tax law and China tax regulations. And it is necessary to ensure again and again: Were all of the China tax regulations adhered to? Or: Were all Chinese tax / Hong Kong tax economizing possibilities utilized?

For this reason our China tax consultants are always on hand to help you with the Chinese tax regulations / Hong Kong tax regulations and Chinese tax law as well as Hong Kong tax law. All China tax consultants hold a degree in Business Administration and are specialized in China Tax law and Chinese tax regulations, and are also certified Chinese tax consultants. Therefore they can solve your China tax & Hong Kong tax problems and answer your China tax questions & Hong Kong tax questions. You can consult with our branch offices in Germany and China any time for advise about China tax / Hong Kong tax.

Our China tax services / Hong Kong tax services, include income tax and Chinese wage tax:

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We will help you by answering your questions regarding Chinese tax / Hong Kong tax.