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Do Western lawyers really know which legal regulations have to be taken into account when setting up a company in China, for example? Do they know which conditions need to be considered at the conclusion of a contract with Chinese partners due to cultural differences? Our experience says: No. Therefore, (also) Chinese lawyers work for CHINA EXPERT CONSULTING. Therefore, we can provide consulting to you in Chinese law by our own China lawyer 's; for example from our offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Canton.


Reasons why you should consult our China lawyer 's about the Chinese Law:

  • You want advice but not from a Western lawyer who will be extremely expensive and only provide information about China laws over 5 corners and not from first hand like a local China lawyer.
  • You want to hear the opinion of native speakers (China lawyer) about Chinese law.
  • You wan to deal with a China lawyer directly in China regarding China.
  • The Chinese law permanently changes and English translations need time.
  • An intercultural component also is the China laws.
  • Also personal relations play a role in Chinese law and by China lawyer 's.

Our benefits through providing consulting from our China lawyer 's for Chinese law:

  • China lawyers in every large city: China lawyer in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei.
  • The largest Chinese network of China lawyer partners. Chinese law consulting in almost every location in China!
  • All China lawyers have studied at elite Western universities.
  • Most China lawyer’s have a minimum of a Master’s degree in Chinese law – usually they have doctorates.
  • Many of our China lawyers have not only studied Chinese law, but also Western law.
  • Due to their Chinese language skills and intercultural experience our China lawyers can judge current changes in China laws faster than purely Western lawyers.

Our China lawyer can offer you consultation regarding China laws in German, English and Chinese.

Our services in the China laws by our China lawyer 's: