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China accounting / China auditing / China GAAP & China IFRS


The China accounting / China auditing is made by us according to most modern local and international standards.

Some companies rely on traditional accounting. However China accounting often causes disadvantages.


The following problems can occur by China accounting & China auditing:

  • incorrect accounting.
  • incorrect assessment of an enterprise.
  • intermixing of fortunes.
  • inaccurate auditing.

We help you with the China accounting & China auditing:

  • Execution of China accounting/accounting in English and Chinese, also according to China GAAP and China IFRS standards.
  • China accounting for finance.
  • Accounting in China for the wage tax in China and salary accounting.
  • Handling of the sales tax in China.
  • Install a report system.
  • Pay tax returns.
  • Authority registration.
  • China accounting seminars.
  • China auditing seminars.
  • China controlling.
  • China GAAP / IFRS.
  • Training in China GAAP & China IFRS.

Besides accounting we also support you with China auditing and China GAAP!