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China consulting for existing companies in China


China Consulting - We offer you China consulting for your already existing business in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan to improve your business further. We search and develop necessary changes for your business to save your time and money and increase your profit and beat your competitors.



Reasons for already existing companies to ask for China consulting:

  • Usage of wrong strategies before in China.
  • Not efficient business process.
  • Business models are not productive.
  • Western management methods are unknown by your Chinese management.

Our China consulting for existing companies:

  • Re-adjustment of company strategies and business processes in with China consulting.
  • Analysis of business models.
  • Improvement on the productivity by China consulting.
  • Analysis of consolidations for the cost reduction.
  • Improvement of efficiency.
  • Company transformations and exit strategies.
  • Introduction and customization of Western management methods.