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China contract law & contracts in China


Contracts in China are not as simple to draw up as Western contracts. Many businessmen who go to China without the required knowledge in China contract law end up experiencing considerable problems with contracts in China.






Possible problems with contracts in China and Chinese contract law:

  • The contract you prepared by yourself is not legally valid according Chinese contract law.
  • You don't know if the terms and conditions can be included in the China contract law in the same as in Western countries.
  • Your terms and conditions cannot be enforced according to China contract law in your contract in China.
  • It often happens that legal contracts cannot be enforced by court in China contract law.

We help you with the design of a correct contract in China according to the Chinese contract law:

  • Construction and change of a contract in China.
  • Preparing agreements and Letter of Intent according China contract law.
  • Carrying out of the contracts in China with suppliers/logistics suppliers.
  • Design of terms and conditions for your contract in China.
  • Consulting for the enforcement of a contract.
  • Checking existing contracts in China.
  • Compare contracts: Western law and China contract law.
  • Design one special individual contract for China.
  • Design contracts for all lines of business according Chinese Contract law.

We help you by any problems with the China contract law.