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China Internet law & E commerce China / Hong Kong Internet


The largest Internet in the world is the Internet in China and also E commerce in China is popular as well.





However E Commerce in China can cause some problems with the China Internet law:

  • Correct acquisition of domain names in the Internet in China / Hong Kong Internet.
  • Existing domain names must legally protected for use in E commerce in China by the China Internet law.
  • A lot of mistakes can happen by ignoring the government control of the China Internet by the China Internet law.
  • Often foreign companies are helpless by the government.

We help you at the problems with the China Internet law & Hong Kong Internet:

  • Advice to legal interests for E commerce in China.
  • Consulting for domain names in China.
  • Consulting for legal disputes in the China Internet law.
  • Execute court trials for problems with E commerce in China and the China Internet law.