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The right China location for your company!


You want to do business in China but you don't know where you should launch your company or factory? China is a very big country and only a precise analysis of the right location can help you.




Without analysis there will be a lot of possible problems with your China location:

  • You pay too much tax at your China location.
  • You don't reach your customer at the wrong China location.
  • You need to invest too much money in the wrong China location.
  • The infrastructure of your company does not match your logistics.
  • Your suppliers are too far away from your wrong China location.

We help you to find the right China location:

The analysis for the right location will be done according to the basics of business administration.

We investigate for the right China location: Investment amount, tax rate, infrastructure, rent, market, customer and suppliers distance and other details wished by our customer.

Your advantages by consulting for the right China location:

  • With the right China location you save a lot of money from low tax rates and low investment amounts.
  • With the right China location you save a lot of time due to shorter distribution distances.
  • With the right China location you have a better entrance to the China market and infrastructure.
  • The right China location allows your company to enter the Chinese market easier.