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Did you know that intercultural seminars are frequently cancelled 1 to 2 weeks before the deadline because of an inadequate number of participants?

It is very difficult to find a good time for an intercultural China seminar for several reasons:

  • The managers go to China at different times. Therefore, it is quite difficult for them to find the right time for an intercultural seminar.
  • Many Western companies do not know when the manager will be go ing to China or when he will be in Germany. Therefore, the decision for a China seminar is often delayed.
  • In many cases employees are informed about the China trip just 1 - 2 weeks before they leave. At this time usually no open China seminars are avail able.

China Expert Consulting has solved this problem!

We offer a booking guarantee for all our China seminars:

  • No minimum number of participants for open seminars: The seminar takes place even if only 1 participant has applied.
  • Booking until 2 days before the beginning of the China seminars is possible.
  • Exchange of participants can be done at any time. If you change your mind and not go to China, your colleague can take your place in the seminar.

Your advantages with China Expert Consulting China seminars:

You - the customer - will be trained in our China seminars for sure and not left alone 1 week before departure due to a cancelled seminar like has happened many times with our competitors.

Flexible China seminars are our priority!

China seminars in Nuremberg (Germany):
(also for in-house seminars worldwide !)

China seminar:
Intercultural 3-days seminar China, Hong Kong, Taiwan for Expats and Manager as well as Businessmen having Business contacts to Chinese companies:


More seminars on request!

China seminar:
Intercultural 2-days seminar China, Hong Kong, Taiwan for Expats and Manager as well as Businessmen having Business contacts to Chinese companies:


More seminars on request!

China Seminar:
Intercultural 3-day seminar German business culture for Chinese managers and Chinese employees of German and Chinese companies: (in Chinese or English language)

Schedule on request!

China seminar:
Chinese contract law and copyright & trademark protection in China:

Schedule on request!

China Seminar:
Market Entry seminar:

Schedule on request !

We offer all China seminars as in-house seminars for companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On request also in other European countries as in the USA in English.

In-house China seminars are already cheaper than open China seminars if there are more then 2 participants from the same company.