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Chinese negotiation


Chinese negotiation 's often take place quite differently than in western countries.





Problems which can appear during a Chinese negotiation:

  • International negotiation methods do not work due to intercultural differences.
  • During negotiations language problems appear in Chinese negotiation 's.
  • During the negotiations conflicts arise unintentionally in Chinese negotiation 's.
  • During a Chinese negotiation the Chinese do not react as desired.

The Western manager often is not able to succeed with his position by negotiating in China.

We help you with problems during Chinese negotiation 's in China!

We lead you through Chinese negotiation. We also continue Chinese negotiaton 's that have broken down. Often we are able to improve a Chinese negotiation very successfully since we have very extensive contacts with Chinese authorities and companies. We work as a team by negotiating in China. Our responsible consultants are highly respected in the Chinese region and their knowledge has a positive effect during a negotiation in China. We can also help with Chinese negotiaton 's with your Chinese staff.

Possible performances in the area of Chinese negotiations are:

  • execution of a negotiation in China.
  • takeover of an existing negotiation in China.
  • conflict management during a negotiation in China.
  • crisis management during a negotiation in China.
  • negotiations with authorities.
  • staff negotiations in China.