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China chemicals industry


China chemicals are nowadays a good business. More and more Western companies are moving to China to manufacture in China chemicals. The China chemical industry is the most dynamic worldwide. The usage of China chemicals has increased by 10 % in recent years. Soon rates of more then 25% are expected in the China chemicals industry.




More Details about the China chemical industry:

  • The trend to continue the change of parts of the chemical industry to China continues.
  • There are more and more customers for China chemicals due to the privatization of former state companies.
  • 80 million Chinese customer who consum chemical products in China.
  • Ten times more customers in the future.
  • There are more and more research cooperation with highly skilled Chinese scientists of the China chemicals industry.
  • China will soon become a research place for the China chemical industry ( nanotechnology, biotechnology, gentechnology ).

We support you in the China chemical industry with:

  • Development of individual strategies.
  • Development of a distribution and marketing net for china chemicals.
  • Support of customer satisfaction by management of trademarks and guanxi.
  • Support by protect the copyright by China chemicals.
  • Analysis of the manufacturing process.
  • Set up of the logistics.
  • Development of strategies to coordinate the purchase of needed basic products.
  • Search for the right location for manufacturing and research of China chemicals.
  • Human resources: Headhunting for highly skilled Chinese chemistry academics.
  • Consulting for market entry in to the China chemical industry.
  • Consulting by purchasing management, screening and quality check of suppliers.
  • Establishment of local management for China chemicals.
  • Consulting for the right "treatment" of Chinese government officials.
  • Company formation and factory formation.
  • M & A of companies.
  • Analyse the customer potential.
  • Business contacts.
  • And any other services related to " China Chemicals ".