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China pharmaceuticals / China medical engineering / China pharma market

The pharma market in China has become huge just like for according to China medical engineering. There are already over 20 centres of the China pharmaceuticals industry in China, in which the 500 largest pharmaceutical enterprises are concentrated. In the past, the Chinese often just copied a product. Nowadays, the China pharmaceuticals industry is able to develop hundreds of new medicaments.

Therefore, the China pharma market is becoming more and more important in China.
The China pharma market is able to develop new China pharmaceuticals 5 times cheaper as in Western countries due to lower costs. In addition China is also very interested in medical engineering in China.

Further details on the China pharmaceuticals industry & China pharma market:

  • The China pharmaceuticals market is growing by more than 18% every year.
  • The development costs of the China pharmaceuticals industry are only U.S. $ 120 million while the development of a medicine costs U.S. $ 800 million in Europe.
  • The admittance duration in Europe is 10 years, but in China only 5 years by using the same quality standards.
  • Top enterprises in the China pharmaceuticals market are BASF, Bayer and Roche.
  • Western companies deliver medical engineering products to China.
  • There is a need in China for medical engineering, since 15% of China medical equipment is already 30 years old.
  • The Chinese government is very interested in introducing industry standards to save the quality of medical equipment produced in China.

We support you in the China pharmaceuticals market / China pharma market / China medical engineering:

  • Design of a strategy in China for China pharmaceuticals / China medical engineering.
  • Design of a sales and marketing net especially for China pharmaceuticals.
  • The handling of approval procedures in China pharmaceuticals market.
  • Business contacts with Chinese medical research institutes and universities.
  • Strengthening of customer satisfaction by brands and customer relationship management.
  • Help with the protection of intellectual property also in the area of China medical engineering.
  • Analysis of the value-added chain for China pharmaceuticals in the China pharma market.
  • Location analysis and selection of personnel advice for purchasing china pharmaceuticals.
  • Consulting for market entry into the China pharmaceuticals line of business / China medical engineering.
  • M & A projects with Chinese companies and research enterprises.
  • Advice in dealing with state authorities for the approval in China to pharmaceuticals products.
  • Providing business contacts in China in the pharmaceutical and medicine industry.

And of course all other services related to the China pharma market.