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Mechanical engineering China ( China machinery, Taiwan machinery )


The business of mechanical engineering and the manufacturing of China machinery, Taiwan machine 's grows and grows. So for example the German mechanical industry has earned more than U.S. $ 5 billion by exporting machines. There is a very large demand in China for machinery / Taiwan machinery due to many still obsolete machines. China machinery import/export and western technology are therefore a promising business.


Further details to the area of mechanical engineering in China:

  • Besides the China mechanical engineering and production of China machinery / Taiwan machinery has reached in the meantime itself a high quality level.
  • After the USA, Japan and Germany the mechanical engineering in China already ranks 4th in the world. The production of China machines has increased again last year by 22 %.

We support you in the area of "China mechanical engineering":

  • Development of a strategy for mechanical engineering in China.
  • Development of a sales and marketing net for selling and manufacturing China machines.
  • Strengthening of the customer satisfaction by brands and customer relationship management.
  • Help with the protection of the intellectual property, especially China machinery and Taiwan machinery.
  • Analysis of the manufacturing process for China machinery / Taiwan machinery.
  • Location and customer potential analyses for China machinery / Taiwan machinery.
  • Consulting for purchasing China machinery / Taiwan machinery.
  • Consulting for the market entry in the mechanical engineering sector in China.
  • Formation of factories and production plants for China machinery / Taiwan machinery.
  • Due diligence.
  • Advice in dealing with state authorities in China.
  • Merger & acquisition of competitors of the China mechanical engineering branch.
  • Business contacts within the China mechanical engineering industry and to sellers & manufacturers of China machinery / Taiwan machinery.

We help you with any questions regarding China machinery & Taiwan machinery too!

Result: Best mechanical engineering in China !