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China consumer market & China consumer goods


Meanwhile, 70% of the Western enterprises based in China already make profit or will soon reach the break-even point in the area of China consumer goods. 93% of all enterprises will accomplish this goal within the next 5 years. A well-off middle shift forms an increasing prosperity, consumption increased in China by 50% inside few years in some Chinese provinces and China consumption increases still further.


Further details for the China consumer market & China consumer goods:

  • Growth rates of at least 30% are expected in the area of consumer goods in China.
  • Enterprises focus itself on the attainment of a good market positioning as well as growth and expansion.
  • Despite increasing numbers of China consumers the risk of a marks admission is nevertheless underestimated by many Western enterprises.

We support you in the China consumer market and with China consumer goods:

  • Design of a strategy for China consumer goods for the increasing China consumer market.
  • Design of the sale and development of marketing concepts for China consumer goods.
  • Strengthening of the customer satisfaction by brands and customer relationship management in the China consumer market and for China consumer goods.
  • Help with the protection of the intellectual property for China consumer goods.
  • Consulting for the right pricing policy under consideration of the China consumer market.
  • Localization of customer needs in the China consumer market.
  • Analysis of the value-added chain.
  • Competitor analysis and market research.
  • Advice in purchasing China consumer goods.
  • Consulting for market entry, including formation of manufacturing facilities and factories for China consumer goods.
  • Consulting in dealing with state authorities, especially for licences.
  • Providing business contacts for China consumer goods.

And of course with all other services related to the china consumer market.

Result: Success in the areas of China consumer market & China consumer goods.