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The China textile industry & China textile manufacturers


Sometimes there are still problems with the low industrial capacity and obsolete plants as well as the lower work efficiency in the China textile industry and with China textile manufacturers.

The production quality is average, there still exists potential for high-quality textile products, and genuine brands do not exist yet.

For export clothes materials of higher quality are imported by the China textile manufacturers.

Since joining the WTO, however, the share of high-quality textiles will grow in the China textile industry.

Almost half of international clothing and textile enterprises maintain at least one manufacturing plant in China.

The China textile industry is not only a good place for manufacturing textile products, it is also an interesting sales market due to the growing demand of the Chinese people.

We support you in the China textile industry with:

  • Design of a strategy.
  • Design of a sales and marketing net in the China textile industry.
  • Strengthening of customer satisfaction by brands and customer relationship management
    in the China textile industry.
  • Help with the protection of intellectual property in the area of China textile industry.
  • Analysis of the value-added chain in the China textile industry.
  • Location analysis and selection of personnel.
  • Advice in purchasing textile products in China.
  • Consulting for market entry as a China textile manufacturer.
  • Advice in dealing with state authorities.
  • Providing business contacts in the China textile industry.

And of course all other services.